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Here at Full Spectrum Tutoring we are a team of driven, passionate educators. Our goal is to harness our qualified teaching abilities to effectively elevate our student's learning abilities.

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✔ Individual teaching and learning plans
✔ Independent assessment of your unique learning needs
✔ Refined decision making skills
✔ Improved social and behavioural skills
✔ Boosted student confidence

What value do you place on your child's success?

We ask this question of all our potential clients - parents just like you, who want only the best for their children and their future. It’s an interesting thought to ponder, because like all things in life, the answer is relative.

Do you value it enough to seek professional one-on-one educational care?

Do you value it enough to realize that ‘the system’ caters for the group, and that the individual needs extra attention?

Do you value it enough to give your child an unfair advantage - no matter their current academic level?

Take a look at our pricing options and see how Full Spectrum Tutoring can benefit your child today.

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Cyberbullying is a huge concern as it can be more hurtful and dangerous than offline bulling.  It is often anonymous, can feel relentless and can be seen or read by many people quickly.  

End of term breaks are a time when your child can clear their head, relax and stretch their brains in different ways. However, letting study routines slip means your child is missing out of a huge opportunity to get ahead. 

Goal setting is a vital skill for your child to learn.  Goal setting allows children to become active participants in the learning process, empowering them to become independent learners, and motivating them to achieve their full potential.  The process of setting goals allows children to choose where they want to go in school and what they want to achieve. By identifying this, they know what they have to concentrate on and improve. Goal setting gives students long-term vision and short-term motivation.

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