Fine tuned to target your child's full potential

Here at Full Spectrum Tutoring we are a team of driven, passionate educators. Our goal is to harness our qualified teaching abilities to effectively elevate our student's learning abilities.

We proudly offer:

Qualified, registered teachers

Improved social and behavioural skills

Comprehensive curriculum understanding

Refined decision making processes

Individualised tutoring plans

Boosted student confidence

What value do you place on your child's success?

We ask this question of all our potential clients - parents just like you, who want only the best for their children and their future. It’s an interesting thought to ponder, because like all things in life, the answer is relative.

Do you value it enough to seek professional one-on-one educational care?

Do you value it enough to realize that ‘the system’ caters for the group, and that the individual needs extra attention?

Do you value it enough to give your child an unfair advantage - no matter their current academic level?

Take a look at our pricing options and see how Full Spectrum Tutoring can benefit your child today.

Easy Enrolment

Enrolling your child with Full Spectrum Tutoring is a simple and easy 3 step process: 

 Fill out the enquiry form

 Check your email: You will receive an email from Full Spectrum Tutoring to confirm your details

 We will be in touch as soon as possible to discuss your tutoring needs 

Kind words from Our Clients


"Cooper looks forward to the visits, creating a fun and interesting way for a 6 year old to catch up on his writing skills".

Earl McEnay 

"I just wish I had done this earlier for my children so they enjoy their time instead of dreading it due to a struggle here and there.".

Donna Maree Greenwood

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We believe in the ‘whole child’ - Mind and Body. Successful learning is more than just sitting in front of books or computer screens.

That’s why we’ve just introduced our ‘How to be Successful Program’.

Our experience shows that if we build a child’s confidence, we build their success rate across all facets of life.

At Full Spectrum Tutoring we like to ensure our students enjoy their learning experiences. The best way to do this is by trying out new things!
We find that experimenting with outdoor learning can be beneficial for both students and teachers.